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We teleport you to a world outside of your world; a world built with our greatest tool – IMAGINATION.


Balloon Terror

Enjoying the wind on your face, you are in a colourful hot air balloon 5000 feet above the ground. Boom! Something goes wrong and the whole thing is on fire! The only way you can escape is by walking a wooden plank that connects you to another balloon that is close by. Do not look down! Live to tell the tale!

Dragon Lord

As an adventurous dragon rider, you now venture into a different challenge. You attempt to further test your flying skills by taking control of your dragon and collecting as many golden eggs as you can within a limited time. Collect enough and you will be rewarded with fame, fortune, and the title of “Dragon Lord”!


Dodgem MP

Stranded on a ledge of a skyscraper, you’re desperately avoiding bricks, bottles, water balloons and other objects flung at you from the people on the opposite building. Duck, dodge and weave but make sure that you don’t fall to your doom!

Space Lord

While piloting a spaceship in the farthest unexplored regions of the Galaxy you come upon hostile alien spaceships en route to destroy Earth. Fight your way through the hazards of space and try to destroy as many of them as you can before you run out of time.


Hover Board

Step on our hover board and travel to an alternative reality using our state of the art VR technology. You can dodge the obstacles and maneuver through narrow lanes. This is an awesome experience that tests your tact to the end.

Soccer Head

Soccer Head is where you use your head (literally!) to direct soccer balls at various tagets. You need focus, direction and a strong head to win at this game.

Raptor Rampage

Raptor Rampage

Have you ever wondered what would it be like to find yourself in a world that was thought to have been extinct some 65 million of years ago? Yes! We make that whimsical imagination a sinful reality here at Kaleidozone. So pull up your sleeves and get set to take a bumpy ride through the dense jungles and depths of Dino park. Hold your breath, sharpen your senses and let your eyes go 360 degrees around to make sure you stay away from the devouring Raptors. Let’s hope you find your way out in time.

Wing Walker

Your day starts like any other. Being an adventurist, wing walking has always been a piece of cake for you but unfortunately, a mishap occurs and your plane is now on fire. In response to your distress call, the rescue team arrives with a ray of hope-the Plank! With heavy winds beating against your face, plank wobbling in mid-air and dancing to the tempo of the aircraft, you better hold onto dear life and reach the other plane if you want to survive.Your sport is dangerous, we know!But today will not be your last day as a Wing Walker!

Wing Walker
Bug Shooter


Alright marines, here is your mission briefing. A deadly swarm of alien bugs have been attacking the space station on planet Omega for weeks now. A report has just come in stating that the automated defense systems have gone down momentarily. Your objective is to hold off the bugs, killing as many as possible, until the problem has been fixed. Survive, and the best among you will be promoted to team commander. The fate of the planet rests on your shoulders!


Experience a pulse pounding slide over the most iconic skyline in the world- New York City. Starting out from inside the Empire State building, only a glass tube is present between you and the vast expanse of the city below. Feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins as you hope to make it safely through the many surprises awaiting you. Can you reach the end without screaming?

sky slide
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