Kaleidozone began as a Virtual Reality (VR) entertainment realm. We work on creating exciting VR experiences with the global market in mind. As a forerunner in developing VR experiences, our approach is one which is holistic. We integrate input devices, simulators, physical effectors, 3D content and head mounted devices like Oculus.


Murali D Barathi

Murali brings more than 24 years of experience, leading various business development and business transformation initiatives. Prior to founding Kaleidozone, he was running his business consulting firm in Silicon Valley where he helped transform business models and re-engineered operations of global companies. He started India’s first Real Escape Game centre in Chennai. He did his engineering at PSG College of Technology and his Masters in International Relations at Tufts University.

Raj B Kumar

Raj, with his expertise in business strategy, game development, electronics, human – computer interfaces, computer vision, AR/VR/MR and IoT, is a technology visionary. He has 27+ years of experience in leading technology firms. He is an alumni of CEG, Chennai and has acquired his Masters degree in Computer Science from Penn State Universtity.

Our team is an ensemble of technologists, creative artists and domain experts with a collective experience of more than 55 years.

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